What is really REAL?

What  you ‘ll tell me, if I”ll tell you, what is really REAL? 

Today is 1st of April, I dare to ask some confusing questions:

What if:

  • you are trapped in this reality, BEING convinced, that this is THE ONLY REAL ONE ?
  • you are someones slave trapped in this 3D world?
  • you can live without food and water by been fed by HOLY LIGHT?
  • you can be immortal?
  • you can stop  reincarnation cycle?
  • you can travel in time and space?
  •  the fairy tales ARE REAL?
  • the battle between THE GOOD and the EVIL is for real?
  • the time is just an illusion?
  • real monsters are stealing your energy?
  • all your negativity, anger, fear,sadness, pride, hate, anxiety, smoking and drinking are feeding the DEVIL and make him more powerful?

It’s first April today. So, you choose to believe.


Here is something to make you more confuse…(click here).

….to be CONTINUED…



Free entrance into mind’s reality…



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