Are you saved? What does it mean “to be born again”?/ “The Saviors Prayer” to be saved; The right way to pray.

Great changes are on the way for this planet, so, get ready! Only those, who truly believe in God will be saved!

Have you ever heard the expression “born again”(as Christian)? What does it mean?

As you can understand, it’s “non physical act”. Just by being born in society of Christians is not enough. Even being baptized  is not enough. What really make you as “born again Christian” is accepting truly God (with your heart and soul) and feel the need of Him in your life.

If you are Christian, for sure you already know Jesus died for your sins. So, after death you can go to the Heaven and your sins can be forgiven(a little brainstorm for you-I wonder where did the souls went before Jesus died for our sins? Did all souls went only to Hell and Heaven did not existed?).
After my experience becoming “born again”, I can tell, nobody can be saved just by being Christianized. Being baptized is just a physical act. Your soul have to feel the need  to be saved. If you feel the need to become a true “believer”, you have to tell the “The Prayer of Salvation”. (written bellow).
Most of people feel the emptiness in their life, because they have not filled that “gap” with God. Only God can make your life meaningful, being your support and comfort in every situation.When you feel disappointed, lost, without hope, not lovable, heartbroken etc. – the only support you can get is by praying. It will calm your mind, spirit and soul. God always listen to your prayers if you pray with heart. What does it mean? It mean to pray by using emotions. If you feel sad or lost you feel these emotions in the time of prayer. God listen to them by using your emotions.
Even if you just want to pray for someone else, you use emotion(mostly sadness or compassion). If you just want to thank God for something(even for simple things-as for having roof upon your head, bed to sleep and money to live for), you are grateful and use gratitude as emotion. I can tell you a small secret(if you don’t know yet). When you feel grateful for something, God give you more things to be grateful for. That is called “Low of attraction”. it means emotion+ visualization and gratitude(as u already have the thing you need)= wishes come true. As more you feel grateful and positive emotions, more good things happening to you.

My experience becoming “born again”.

“I was going through hard time in my life and looking for God’s support. I started to go to the church regularly. My soul found peace through the psalms of ministration. I felt infinite peace and balm in my spirit. The pain and anxiety was gone for a while. But after some hours it came back. I knew, I have to do something, to keep that state of soul for longer. I went to church for confession. A part of heavy feeling in spirit was gone. But I knew, there must be something else I have to do. I found “The Prayer of Salvation”on the internet. It just popped up in the search engine. I had a feeling- this is the right one! I print it out. I was waiting for the right moment.When I was home alone and my soul was crying for salvation, I kneel down and started to pray with humility and repentance of my sinner’s life. I prayed and I wept from the dept of my soul and begging for salvation. After many hours I felt release of the sins from my soul. I was feeling like an angel. Light and clear. I had a feeling- God forgave to me my sins. I was born again! My soul been released  and Holy Spirit can enter into me. I was feeling  a new version of myself. I still remember the moment when the Holy Spirit entered into me to stay with me forever- to protect and to feed my soul with Holy Light.” (read full story HERE).

When you feel ready, pray “The prayer of Salvation” to be saved!

The Prayer of Salvation

Dear Heavenly Father,
I am ready to surrender my life to Jesus Christ. I cannot go on any longer trying to live my life for myself. I am ready to give my life to Christ and surrender everything to him! I confess that I am a sinner. Please forgive me for all my sins, and wash them away with the precious Blood of Jesus.
I believe with all my heart that Jesus is your Son, the Son of God, and that he died for the forgiveness of my sins on the cross, and that he arose from the dead on the third day, and he is alive right now along with you and the Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus and You, Father, and the Holy Spirit, are ONE.
I repent of all my sins and I turn away from my old way of life. I invite Jesus to come into my heart right now and save me! I promise to live for Jesus all the remaining days of my life.
I believe I receive eternal life right now, and that my spirit has been reborn anew and is alive right now within me and in Christ! Thank you, for saving me and making me in right standing with you. Thank you for writing my name in the Lambs Book of Life!
In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

You can read and download full version of Combined Born Again Messages (CLICK ON LINK)!
Love, light and blessings, A.V.

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