Ascension. New Earth.


Ascension. How to ground yourself. My experience.

As most of you already know, we are entering in Golden Age, Heaven on Earth. This is a hard time for most of us, because energy is passing through our bodies; past lives, past traumas and everything else, what does not serve us anymore(and is useless in 5 D world,- where we are entering in now), is cleaning up and creating space for something new and much greater! Our bodies are becoming crystalline, our physical body is dying literally! Sometimes it’s so hard to manage these energies and control ourselves to stay focused, calm and not give up on negativity! If you feel totally lost, depressed without visible reason, here are some advises, how to help yourself.

Get rest as much as possible(those, who are dealing with anxiety and ego keep telling you bad things, as: “You are wasting your time; you have to work to get money” etc, just make your ego to shut up. Communicate with your ego by observing it firstly, then explain to him/her, that there is no benefit of stressing ourselves out, it’s just making it worst). In the 5D world, we will not need things we live for in a 3D world. Don’t feel guilt for any reason!
Drink plenty of clean water(spring water is the best, of any chemical free) and eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible;
Go out in nature, walk, feel united with wind, sun, and rain!
Meditate, do yoga, do your hobbies, favorite activities;
walk barefoot(it is one of the most important in grounding). If in your country is still winter, walk a little time indoors barefoot;
Connect with like-minded people(who are passing the same path as you);
Listen to your intuition and gut feeling. Do things, what is calming you. Remember: “Tension is what you think you have to be, relaxation is, who you really are”.
Keep in mind, this is not forever. It will pass. The final wave of ascension going to hit earth on 20-21 of March(to wake up the rest of humanity). Possibly, even terrible things will happen. You have to believe in God and want to get in Heaven on Earth. Don’t be attached to material things and not give up on fear! Choose love!

My experience.

It happened in the early morning last year(21 of March 2016). Suddenly I was waked up from my sleep. I opened my eyes and I saw myself floating in the air horizontally, about 50 cm over my bed. But I was not scared. I saw the white, bright light encircling my body- starting from my feet and coming up as I been scanned. When it passed through all my body, the energy lets me down on my bed and vanished. As it was passing away, I heard huge noise on the roof(like a big rock fell on it). All this experience lasted just some seconds(about 10). I closed my eyes and fell into sleep again.

After this experience, I felt more and more lost, depressed. Unpleasant past experiences come in my mind. I was totally lost. Then even evil spirits started chasing me. I was close to suicide me. They did not let me sleep in the nights. I went to church often, even for blessings and holy water. But it was not helpful. There were times when I felt devil’s hand around my neck. During daytime, I felt safer, but they still were around me. As my 3rd eye was not open fully, I could not see them, just sense them. My 6-year-old daughter was seeing them, showing and describing them. My self-esteem dropped extremely and I felt totally exhausted, until the moment my twin flame come in my life and cleaned them. Thank God!

For others it cold be the different experience, it depends on many things. Be strong in mind and not let negativity to pass in! It’s the same with evil spirits. They can harm you only if you give up on fear and let them in your mind. They are living on your negative energies(thoughts). Once I saw the portal opening(it was in the night, complete darkness, but I saw with my 3rd eye), I was feeling fear and it shut down when I stopped to fear.

It’s so important to give love to yourself, self-care and positive attitude. There is no benefit of negativity anyway. Negativity is taking you away from your target. Your target is, to work on yourself, get rid of what not serve you anymore and feel the gratitude of coming happiness in 5D! There will be no more pain, no more sickness, no more slavery! Just pure love and happiness! Love and light on your path!(Share your story in comments, give advises, share this article)!

Here are some more articles concerning ascension and energy shift, they could be very helpful to you on this journey!


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