Parasitic entities

As I already wrote about spiritual possessions(read it here), most of us are unaware of such term “spiritual parasite”, because today’s society is focused on the body and visible world. Beliefs as “what you can’t see with your eyes, not exist” dominate.Everybody talking about making a healthy body and pumping their body in the gym, but not giving attention to spiritual health.

Spiritual possessions have been attributed as a religious term.  Anyway, been possessed or affected by spirits are two different things. As the number of death with every year increase, what a number of entities(ghosts, demons etc) can be around us? Statistics of the world population are showing us this dramatic number:

.world's population affected by ghosts

Can you imagine the entities having a fight between each other for a better body to possess or in search for a weak mind to affect?

negative energies impact on worlds population

As our body need to examine for parasites, we should examine our spirits for spiritual parasites. Unfortunately, our physical, mental and esoteric body are connected. If there is a problem in one of them, all layers of us get sick. For example, if we can’t tell “no” when you have to, you frustrate your body by self-harming thoughts, guilt and at the end, you catch the flu. Or if very hard to heal illness occurs, it could be an alarm for attached entity. And if you feel a high level of anxiety for unknown source, it could be from attached entity.

How the entities interact on our mind, life and reality? Negative, of course. They can get us in many troubles, creating bad habits and addictions, creating conflicts with people around us and cooperation with our ego. because our ego is the weakest point in us. Ego does not lean on truth, but on illusion(the only  REAL TRUTH is coming from the Divine Source). Ego doesn’t know anything. It just creates suffer and pain(living in past or future, taking us away from living in presence) or make us doubt everything. And there is no such thing as “healthy ego” or benefits from ego. Even pride and arrogance is created by ego.

Most of the thoughts even are not our and we are not aware of it. Entities can give us orders to live the reality they wish to. For example:”Drink now, eat chocolate now, have sex now”. For demonic entities, we are an entertainment, for devils- a source of energy to live from.

How do the entities can get in someone to parasite on? Most of the reasons are the vibration you give out to attract the entity. Entities search similar vibrations. Of course, as they did not go to Light, they are attached to darkness. So, if the person is negative, angry, greedy, depressed, with no self-love, there is big chance to get a spiritual parasite. And no one spirit can attach, if the person has strong aura, is under the protection of Divine, spiritually awaken, have a strong mind and are self-aware. As I mentioned in my previous article, entities can get in through the energetic holes- from alcohol and drugs. Also, just unaware allowance is enough. So, if you do not see anything wrong, if someone else lives the same emotions, feelings and all physical stuff you do, then you can attach one of them. Spirits are just someone who lived before on this planet and want to live it again in someone else’s body. Why do they stay in this reality? Can you imagine yourself suddenly to be dead and can’t understand, where you have to go and what really happened? Spirit still have the same consciousness as in lifetime. If you were scared of death and the unknown; scared to be punished and scared of hell, then fears stay also after death. So, mostly they are scared and threatened souls, who are attached to this world without being aware, that they are dead.  That’s why they attach to human bodies and feel so deep need to continue the life they had.

How to remove spiritual parasites? How to protect ourselves from entity attack? Firstly you have to become self- aware. Examine yourself. Are you in harmony with yourself? Do you believe in God? (what religion you belong to- it does not matter) Would you give permission to possess your mind or body unconsciously? How deep you are connected with your subconscious mind(ego) and know to “dig” deep?  Is there something what not allowed to live this life fully? Are your dominate emotions positive or negative/ in wich moments you become negative? As more spiritually awake and connected with God you are, as less chance, you have to be possessed or attacked.

Effect of attack if person is at 40% and ghost is at 25% level

But unfortunately, even saints were not fully protected against higher level negative entities. The strongest protection creates faith to God and strong mind(like a rock).

Distress experienced from ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) according to one's spiritual level

Being spiritually awaken have many benefits. One of them is to recognize spiritual possessions and attacks by negative entities. Now, when you know more about this topic(reading highlighted words(articles) and having “A Bug-free Mind”  you can feel much confident. This is the topic “a must give attention to” for a deeper understanding of this invisible reality.

Source and more information:

How to remove entities?(click on the link).


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