Gabriel’s ark exposed

The truth about Ark of Gabriel and actual origin

Screenshot (212)

Screenshot (211) “On December 24 a strange story involving the Russian Navy began circulating the Internet. It seems the research ship Admiral Vladimisky had been dispatched to the Saudi port city of Juddah, the gateway to Mecca, to pick up a mystery artifact uncovered by construction workers at Mecca and carry it to the Antarctic.

The artifact, identified as the “Ark of Gabriel,” was uncovered Sept. 11 by builders working on a major renovation of the Grand Mosque, the story stated. While digging deep under the mosque the workers opened a tunnel where they found what was described as a mysterious box. Fifteen workers were killed that day by a violent “plasma emission while attempting to remove the artifact. According to a blogger named Sorcha Faal, who revealed the story on line, the force of the blast shot up out of the hole and toppled a large construction crane and killed another 111 worshipers gathered at the mosque.

Another blast occurred on September 24 when a second attempt to remove the artifact was made. This time it left over 4,000 dead, the Faal blog claimed. The extend of the disasters was downplayed by Saudi authorities who wanted to cover up the severity of events that occurred at the mosque”– a part of an article about Ark of  Gabriel

What is the story behind “Ark of Gabriel”? Why this “secret box” carry a name of Gabriel?
“A story by David Trayner, that appeared Dec. 22 in the Daily Star of London, said it was learned that the Russian Patriarch was contacted because that church held an ancient Islamic manuscript that survived the Roman Catholic Crusades and which may have been linked to the events. That writing was titled “Gabriel’s Instructions to Muhammad.” The manuscript said the Archangel entrusted the object, identified as an ark, to Muhammed and told him to bury it at a “place of worship the angels used before the creation of man.” The document explained that it was to be kept hidden there until the “Day of the Resurrection.””
If you already have read my previous article The actual origin of Islam,
then you know the story how Islam been created and how Mohammad become a prophet.
What is about the prophecy of Mohammad, that in the day of Apocalypse will be discovered ark of Gabriel? As this weapon been already discovered and killed many people in the times, when Mohammad lived, he used these bad events to announce himself “as a prophet”. The explanation is simple, Ark of Gabriel is AN ALLIEN MASS DESTRUCTION WEAPON(been used before many hundreds of thousands of years- “place of worship the angels used before the creation of man.”). “The angels” were aliens(the proof follows). And as you can see “the prophecy” did not come true, because even “a prophet” was false.
As you can hear in this short audio(Interview with reptilian), you can understand, she is telling about a time period before thousands of years when were wars between aliens,  they had cities in(today)Antarctica and Asia. Since that time the mass destruction weapon been created(using the melt of metals in special angle what is creating a magnetic field and can be used even as a weapon).
“Tryner’s story said when Russian President Vladimir Putin heard about these events, he dispatched the Vladimisky to collect the ark and take it to the Antarctic. Putin apparently regards the ark as either an important military weapon or an extremely dangerous energy force that should be hidden from the world.”
The question, is- why this weapon been taken to Antartica? And how they knew to remove the ark without anyone been killed? It means, they already knew about such weapons and how to deactivate it.
As I was doing research, there are a plenty of information on Youtube about alien bases in Antartica.


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