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What’s wrong with this world?

What The Bleep Do We Know – Down The Rabbit Hole

Today my visit to the dentist inspired me to write this article. As I was waiting in line for my turn to the dentist, I was reading A BugFree Mind and I saw the title of the movie Andy Shaw is advising to watch. By coincidence, it’s exactly the topic I’m writing in this article. What the bleep do we know?

As I had many questions to the dentist and wanted to see, what she(and nurse) will gonna answer to my questions. As most of us know, mercury fillings are toxic and harmful for our health. When I asked, why they still use mercury, dentist answered: “As the latest research showing, even white fillings are cancerogenic. Mercury fillings are toxic only in the moment when the 2 components we mix together; as the melt is creating new chemical, it’s not that harmful anymore”. When I asked, why we should bring children to have a fluoride protection film done every 6 months, she answered:” The concentration of fluoride, in this case, is very little to cause a harm. Even tooth paste we use has just a little percentage of fluoride in it.” “But how about the water we drink, using for a shower? The water already has fluoride in it. Why we should use a fluoride containing tooth paste?” (If u are not aware, we absorb everything through the skin). The dentist agreed with me, everything we use, is harmful to our health. She told:”What we should do? Go and stay in caves? All that is left for us,- just enjoy the moments of life we have.”(it just proves my belief- WHAT IS NOT NATURAL, IS HARMFUL).

What is the right thing to do? Do we have to leave our houses, our jobs, the life and live in caves? To meditate all day long to avoid the need to eat, to avoid harm from wifi, from electricity, mobile phones, polluted air(not just toxins from gas, but chemtrails), toxic water(full of chlorine or fluoride)? How we can grow biologic food if an even ground is polluted(as in air been sprayed chemtrails to change the weather and it fall on the soil)? What water to use, if there are harmful chemicals added? What food to buy, if anything is designed to keep fresh longer(is full of preservatives, colorings) and harmful for our health? Think, if the vegetables and fruits we buy, even worms are not eating(coz of the chemicals on them), why we should eat? Isn’t this “pleasant for the eye business” is also our fault, because of we as customers, prefer to buy smooth, nice looking fruit, instead of little damaged by a worm? Do we have a choice to not buy a preservative added food, if it is cheaper than biologic one(do the biologic really is “biologic”?) and we not have time to grow our own food(as we are the slaves for the system, only having time to work 48 h per week, coming home tired, exhausted, to cook, to clean the house, take care of family or even going to the second job to have a possibility of paying all bills(and let the cleaning for house maid)? Or impatiently waiting a whole week for the weekend to relax from stress creating a job, get out with friends, drink and spend the hard earned money(in the job you hate)?

Do we have a choice of not being slaves? Do we have a choice for not buying cancerogenic food, not breathe a polluted air, not use chemical added water? Why people should pay taxes and their hard earned money government use for buying weapons, paying for scientists(who are searching for a cancer cure, and we hear the news:”A new cancer cure been discovered”), but still using a harmful and expensive chemotherapy? Paying for so many projects(as Nasa Space Station(selling us bulls*its about fake planet discoveries, telling lies about aliens and life on other planets, etc), HARP, secret alien bases, etc) and is a total waste of money? Why we have to pay to buy a land if just 100 years ago the land was for everyone for free? Why we been brainwashed on consuming more and more(just to make someone rich) if we could live better with less and more natural(environmental harm free) choices? Also by this way reducing allergies and improving our health? Where is the proof that vaccines really are protecting us against sicknesses, if everyone been vaccinated and statics about research on it are just lies?

How our life would be, if we do not learn to fear(from generation to generation); to not use Modern medicine(but the natural cures); to grow our own food; have free electricity(as Nikola Tesla created); not need to spend money on buying property; in schools teaching yoga, meditation, how to develop psychic abilities; instead using chlorine in swimming pools use ozone(or oxygen peroxide- what is much more effective in killing microbes); use natural cleaning and household products(as example- vinegar, baking soda, and oxygen peroxide, brushing teeth with coconut oil)? Would we need layers, policeman, and courts? Would we have a crime in the world of harmony and peace?

We were taught the upside down thinking. We are curing cancers(and all the health problems) without searching for causes why people get sick. Been sold on lies and making someone rich for the suffering of this world.

How humanity would be if everyone would have a 3rd eye open? What really keeps human back for having his super human abilities? Fears? Toxic air, food, and water? There are a lot of people on this planet, who even not believe in psychic abilities. What the science and logic can’t explain, be considered as fake.

Image result for bird grown in cage consider flying as sickness

Every one of us is a divine being. Every one of us deep inside is perfect. But this is covered by so many layers of ego. Ego ruins our lives and creates suffer based on illusions. One of the 3rd eye functions is to become self-aware. To be aware of the wrong belief, where it comes from and to remove it and never let it come up again. We are pure consciousness. We create the reality we live in. As we continue to be ignorant and consider living in misery is more comfortable, no progress will happen.

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