Reincarnated souls

Since the early 70’s the 144.000 of volunteers (also called “lightworkers” or “star seeds”) are reincarnated on this planet to help Earth to get back the freedom! You probably have heard about this fact. Most of the people learn about it from Bible. Are you one of those souls? If you feel a strong need for healing others, wake up human minds, make this planet a better place, then definitely you are ONE of them!

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Between those 144 000 are also gods and goddesses, archangels, saints. How to recognize them? It’s not easy, as they are born as every human (with name and surname). But that’s a soul what matters (if you expect Afrodite will be born (again) from the foam of the sea; Pandora will be created by other gods with the purpose to close the box of Pandora(this time reverse), then you are wrong! They are born into human bodies! For every one of them there comes a right time for awakening for who they are. But it’s not easy to get out of human mindset and become for who they are! The purpose (why they born in human bodies) is to be A HUMAN to know how it feels and how to help them to get out of this reincarnation cycle and build a HEAVEN ON EARTH! With more simple words to tell, it’s time for humans to wake up to their true powers and create a world of peace and harmony (as it was many hundreds of thousands of years ago, at the time of Atlantis). This is the final battle between good and evil. Dark forces already know this fact and are doing all not to lose this war (but this time they will lose, it’s already written in the stars)!
This mission is not an easy path for reincarnated souls. Many struggles and spiritual battles should be worked out until the lines of influence from society, friends, family, and self-doubt disappears. Influence of dark forces is so intense! Evil entities can attack, do mind control and many other ways “trying” to get out lightworker of the way. For some lightworkers, it can end bad (in the psychotherapeutic clinics, losing logic, etc.). A higher (in powers as god or goddess) the reincarnated soul, having the harder battle! In this mission, sharp mind is a great weapon!

Be aware of the traps! The dark forces do their best to get you out of the way! (Watch this video to find out, if you been disconnected of your true self).
It’s hard to be an awaken god to adapt in this way of living and thinking, as they were free to live and do when they were gods. Thousands of years ago lands were free to live, and trees were free to cut and build a house. Animals were available to catch in wildlife and to get tamed. Now nothing is for free! That’s a real trial to pass until getting out true powers and discover of what every one of reincarnated souls is capable of doing! Because deep inside they have a feeling, there is a much easy way to get everything and not need to work hard to get “old life back”. By helping themselves first, later they know the right way how to help the humans. This not an easy! As those souls are so sensitive, empaths, confused (been naturally influenced by society and friends) and most of the times not believing in their power.
The purpose of reincarnation is to raise the vibration of the Earth. Many those souls are struggling with finding the path of their mission and how exactly to boost the energy. Simplicity is the key! Human thinking is creating the belief, that should be done hard way to achieve this mission!
The mission is simple- just by singing, dancing, walking in nature, smelling flowers, palming animals- doing all you enjoy and make you feel great is RISING the VIBRATION! Together this energy in invincible! But remember, if you are struggling with creating the high vibration state, then you have to do something different, more easy way. (We are not here to suffer).
Some of the lightworkers have a big ego and overdone with the importance of themselves and letting themselves to be consumed by their ego. This fact, of course, is delaying the real progress of the mission.
If you feel, you are “the chosen one”, be strong and find and support from your tribe (if necessary) and get “A Bug Free Mind” as your weapon!



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