Crucial information for all spiritual healers! Please read and share!

iF YOU ARE A REIKI PRACTIONIORER(or are removing demons and other entities), THEN THIS IS CRUCIAL FOR U TO KNOW!
“There are many healers who are presently performing entity removals but do not discuss it publicly because it’s not their intention to release entities, and they have not been taught that this could be a natural result of a session involving energy work of any kind. When these unexpected releases occur, these practitioners may not know how to send these beings into the Light for healing or how to protect themselves or their clients against possession. Even worse, some well-intentioned but inexperienced healers do this work from their own homes; with others living in the house. They may inadvertently free these entities within their living space and everyone in the house becomes jeopardized, especially little ones—children—who are so open, so vulnerable to receiving and not taught how to protect themselves. It is important for practitioners to be involved in some form of community or relationship with others in their field. It is crucial that they begin to share their experiences of entity removals regardless of the type of healing work they perform. If they spoke of this openly, they would discover that a large percentage of their fellow practitioners have encountered these forces during a session. Many of them do not know how to handle this phenomenon safely. A network of learning needs to be established, all healers should know what to do when this issue arises because it will! There are surprisingly few practitioners with the qualifications and education to do this work safely, properly and completely. And those who are unqualified may suffer greatly for their attempts to assist. Entity removal is a specialty. If you have a potentially fatal disease such as cancer, do you see your child’s pediatrician? Of course not! You go to an oncologist because this kind of healer specializes in your infirmity. This is only logical. The entities that are released must be sent to the Light to be healed. If they are not, they will immediately seek to return to their host or find a new host. This could be the practitioner or anyone else nearby. It is dangerously counterproductive. When entities are removed, there is a void in the space they once occupied and this must be filled with Love and Light. Some practitioners are removing entities and are not aware that their client is left with an empty space that housed all of the negativity; it needs to be cleansed and filled for the healing to be complete. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge involved in the sacred art form of spirit releasement. The practitioner must take the time to cleanse and protect themselves and their space, as well as anyone nearby. While there are many methods for accomplishing this, some are more powerful than others and summoning all of the appropriate spiritual parties is vital to the safety and well-being of everyone involved. Some practitioners also protect their clients by sending Spirit Guides or Angels directly to them so that any attempted interference by entities is thwarted and the host arrives safely for their appointment at the scheduled time. Once the healing is successfully completed, the practitioner again must cleanse and protect their clients and themselves. Entity releasement can be done long-distance. Much of this work can be accomplished without regard for time and space because it takes place on a spiritual plane of existence. If you do not have a qualified healer in your area, one in another state—or even in another country—is capable of assisting you in most cases. Do not go to someone inexperienced in spirit releasement just because they live nearby! If you believe you may have an entity possession, there is no cause for alarm but there is a call to action!”
Brewer, Wayne. Are You Possessed? (pp. 103-106). Wayne Brewer & Associates, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I can add from my experience. I was practicing Reiki for a while but mostly use remote Reiki healing. Inside of me, there was feeling, that I should know something “more” and that’s why I was not motivated to offer yet healing to the public. As I now know this information, I feel much more confident about offering Reiki healing public!

Remeber one very important thing DON’T LET YOUR EGO TO BE ACTIVATED! IT IS NOT U WHO IS HEALING, U ARE JUST A TOOL! Ego is destructive, be humble!

And always say a prayer before starting healing, invite angels for protection! You did not put in danger yourself only but everybody around you(if you escape this important point and person you try to heal is possessed)! Not every possessed person is aware of possession! (this topic I will discuss in one of my next articles).





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