I wish to tell the true story: thoughts of man(named Pavel), who never cheated his wife and telling the miraculous recipe for a happy relationship:

“Not long time ago we have been visited by our friends- a family of two. After dinner, me, as usual, helped to my wife to clean the table and I started to wash dishes. In our family, it’s a normal thing. I don’t say, only me wash the dishes, but in this job, I don’t see anything unusual or surprising. My thoughts are, man’s responsibility is to help to his woman.

Following my actions with envy, my friend’s wife tells to husband: “Look, Pavel is helping to Ann, but you can’t even take off a plate from the table after finishing a meal!” And she got an answer: “WHY DO I HAVE YOU?!” For this answer, I had an argument to my friend:”WHY DO SHE HAS YOU? Tomogochi, for what to take care of and feed, she can download on her phone!”

I really can’t understand such attitude from man against their “second half”. Why you are sure, woman job is just to do alone all home duties? What about man responsibility? Is it man’s job to ram a nail in the wall? But, wait, how often do you ram the nail in the wall? Surely not every day. But housework must be done every day. Why these duties have to lay only on woman fragile shoulders?”

When I told my observations to a friend of mine, he was surprised: “Our grandparents were living like that since many generations: women have to take care of home duties, but man is working! And a long time ago a woman had much more jobs to do: keep the house clean, take care of animals, to bring water and to light a fire. Now they have everything in comfort: washing machines, iron with steam, multi-heat boiler and dish washing machines. There is nothing left for them to do, so, the dishes she can wash by herself, but I get tired of my job.”

OK. I agree, our grandmothers had hard life without the technology today we have, but NOW WOMEN ARE WORKING EQUALLY TO MAN. (and I don’t mean women who are the only accessory for rich buddies). In our family we have a tradition: we come home from work and I help to my wife to cook a dinner and to clean the house and then we can rest together. My opinion is, my wife’s duty is not to stand all evening in the kitchen and to take care alone of children and then she falls down of her foot by being tired. I wish to see next to me beautiful and relaxed woman, who is not exhausted from house-job. Firstly, it’s my duty and care of her.  If I do not help to her, then she will not have a strength and time to take care of herself and me. Otherwise, what a husband and protector I’m for my wife if I don’t help to my lovely woman?

One day my friend confessed- he has a lover. “Why do you need a lover?!”- I was surprised. A friend answered:”I’m tired of my wife. She is so boring. She all the time is spending in the kitchen, usually dissatisfied with everything, busy with our baby, not taking care of herself, usually having a headache, a sex we have just once per month and that is so primitive. My wife changed after I married her…  But my new lover is so beautiful, always caring for herself, sex is just wonderful… We spend a lot of time together, I find it so exciting to be with her.”

“Are you going to divorce your wife?”- I asked.

“No, not of course”- my friend was surprised for my question.

“Why I should divorce?”- he continued. “My wife doesn’t realize about my lover. My house is always perfectly clean, great food on the table, – what else I need? My wife is for the house, but lover- for soul and body.”

I was feeling disgusting after hearing such words… I  felt, even more, disguise, when I understood, most of my friends are thinking this way. What a consumer attitude man have against women? How it is possible when your woman was young and beautiful, – you had a need for her, – now require to find a new one? But wife continue to clean and to iron? That’s really basely! We are not animals. Family- it’s a huge responsibility and work for both! Only together we can build a wonderful, friendly and strong family. But, if a man let all duties on woman shoulders, she does not have time left for anything else.

Dear friends, it’s not your wife, who have been changed, but the attitude against them from you have been changed! While you went on dates with her, you were giving her flowers, presents, telling compliments. What you are doing since you married? When you come home from the job, you expect the food to be ready and after a meal, you spend time watching TV or on the computer. On weekends you are spending your time with friends without a wife. Isn’t it? But during you are with friends, she cooks, cleans the house, washing laundry, ironing, taking care of children. Where she will get an inspiration(and wish) to take care of herself, smile to you- as in the past when you just met?

I will confess now(but I’m sure, most of the man will not believe me), I NEVER CHEATED MY WIFE AND NEVER WILL, because I don’t need it.  Why exchange for something, if I have enough with my wife more then enough? She is for me lover, best friend, and wife. Why risk for something, as we built together this relationship? Why cheat?

I believe, if you truly love your woman, then you don’t need other. But, if you do not love her- be a man- tell it to her honestly and go wherever you want. If before the wedding you felt in love with a lovely and kind girl, but after the wedding, she becomes a witch, THEN, FIRSTLY, IT’S YOUR FAULT! When was last time, you gave flowers for your love? Just without reason? When did you invite her for a date? Sorry, my friends, but a woman you should lust and win ALWAYS. ALL YOUR LIFE. After the wedding she is the same woman, YOU selected to marry with, and she deserves the same attitude, as before wedding. But, if you believe, after the stamp in the passport, your wife should be responsible for home, should take care of you, raise the children, at the same time kindly smiling to you, as you are laying on sofa (in the front of TV)rebuking her for dirty dishes, then you are totally wrong! You should not marry, you should rent a housekeeper!

I’m married already for 15 years. We have 13 years old teenage girl. We do everything together and always together. I will be honest, we had also arguments and disagreements. But it’s not important. The most important is- how you act during having the arguments. It would be silly to believe, that your wife would be thankful if you insult and abuse her. Until wedding, you were living in different families, with different traditions and beliefs. If you have a different view and opinion about something, that is just normal.  Only because your wife has a different opinion, it does not mean, she is “stupid woman, who not understand anything”. Now you create a new beginning of yourselves by a new family, new traditions and new rules.

I still ask my wife for a date. You even can’t imagine, how pleasant is to wait for your love in the park holding flowers! Guessing, what she will gonna wear today if she will love the flowers if today we going to cafe or cinema or just for a walk next to the sea. And there she comes,- the most beautiful,- amble walking wearing air flowing dress, MY BELOVED WIFE!

My wife changed a lot after the wedding, she had become more attractive, more lovely and more loving, more caring and more wonderful. For me, she is the ONLY ONE: the best wife and the best mother! With every passing day, she, even more, opens for me. It never stops to surprise her rich inner world. Even after 15 years, she is still the same playful and joyful girl, the same, with who I fell in love.

I like very much when my wife tells proudly to her friends:”My husband is the best husband in the world!”

Because I not believe, I do something very special for her, I just love her very much, help her and protect her. That should do every man to his woman, then she will give back 3x more what she received from you.

The most wonderful time was when we were waiting for your daughter’s birth. I believe it’s the most magical event for every family! Wife is carrying your child below her heart, and every day you have a chance to observe how he is growing, to touch her growing belly. To feel, how the baby is moving; when you start to understand, when he sleeps, what mood he has, what he likes and what not. It’s indescribable joy, can’t express in words, it needs to feel!

“Stupid fat cow,”  I hear often from a man talking about their wives. I don’t understand, how even can open mouth to tell such thing?! You beloved is carrying baby both of YOU. And she is not fat and stupid, she is PREGNANT! Can’t you really understand, how hard it is for a woman? She already is worried about the baby, having complexes about growing belly, because she always wishes to be attractive. Instead of getting support and understanding, she hears “fat and stupid”?!

In this case, unfortunately, you are STUPID  and it will not pass from you. For a pregnant woman, all instincts are made to protect a baby. that’s normal when she acts like never before in life: being caprice, cry and laughing without reason, not to understand very simple things(as for you- it’s simple, for her- not). That is just normal physiology. If you will show patience and respect your wife is in need, in the result, you will get YOUR HEALTHY baby; happy and thankful (to you) wife. There is nothing more wonderful and more beautiful as a pregnant woman!

My wife had a very hard pregnancy, she had hard Toxicosis, becoming very caprice. When she waked me up during the night asking me for bananas, I get up and went to shop. I was buying bananas, apples, pineapples, strawberries, a herring and many other things. Because I knew, if I  return from market, my wife could want other things. Even it could look to you weird, but I found very cute her caprice behavior. We were laughing together, when she was hiding remote control in the fridge(by accident, of course) when she put bread in closet, or when she was telling to go right, but showing the direction to left, and at the end, she continued to go straight. I was showing support as much I could. Telling, even more, compliments, giving her more flowers, regularly cheered her up; telling, that she and our daughter are for me the most beautiful, telling, how much I love them(both). It was really strange, but my wife was getting better day by day. Even her doctors were surprised, but my wife with pride was telling: “Simply my husband loves me very much”…

Dear man, think a thousand times before you tell anything to your pregnant wife. you can’t know, how she will react to your words. And you will never forgive yourself, if something bad will happen to your child, BECAUSE OF YOU! Be more tolerant!

The next stage in our family was the birth of our daughter. I can’t get it when man is yelling at the wife because she can’t make a baby to stop crying. You are also father (as your wife is mother), so, go and calm down the baby! Baby should feel the love from both of parents. But wife should feel, she has a loving man next to her. Then will be no misunderstandings and no conflicts! After your wife gave a birth to a baby, she has many duties and responsibilities, and she is in need of YOUR help!

I’m sure, our family going to get even stronger as time passing. That is not complicated. The most important is to love your other half and give all of you; work on relationship year after year.

And then the day will come when I’m an old man, but still waiting in the park for my wife with flowers in hands. And she is coming to me, beautiful, as always, amble walking wearing air flowing dress, and she kisses me, hugging me strongly, and silently whispers in my ear: “I love you, my Bunny”. And I answer: “I love you too very much, my Baby”. We join hands and go to cafe or cinema, or maybe just walk on the beach…


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